Will Pep Guardiola Coach an International Team?

Pep Guardiola recently won the fourth consecutive Premier League title as the manager of Manchester City manager. The 53-year-old Spaniard has now won six Premier League titles in his eight years as the Manchester City boss, which is a phenomenal record.
Prior to that, he has also won three La Liga titles with FC Barcelona and three Bundesliga titles as the Bayern Munich manager. In addition to that, he has also won three UEFA Champions League titles (2 with Barcelona and 1 with Manchester City) as a manager.
He is undoubtedly one of the greatest managers in football ever. Not only has he had great success in terms of titles won, he has also done more than his fair share to profess the brand of short-passing football that has been in vogue at Barcelona for a long time.
Guardiola has also been a pioneer in terms of bringing about innovations in football such as the introduction of false nine – a centre-forward who does not stay upfront and keeps dropping back to the midfield – and the inverted full-back.
However, despite attaining ultimate glory repeatedly in club football, the Spaniard has not yet plied his trade in international football. However, there is no reason why he should not do so in future.

With Growing Age, International Football Might Be More Suitable for Guardiola

The demands of management in club football can be very taxing physically. Hence, Guardiola might think of switching to international football in the future. Not that there are no sexagenarian managers in club football. People like Carlo Ancelotti and José Mourinho are still going strong and Guardiola might follow suit, too.
However, managing in a major tournament like the World Cup and European Championships can still offer a different sort of challenge to the Spaniard. Spain have not tasted success in any major tournament since 2012 and Guardiola might think of being the one to reverse the tide.

Finding an Attractive National Team Offer

Then, there is the eternally enticing job of the English national team that might tempt Guardiola in the future. He has already spent eight years in the country and is not alien to the demands of English football in general.
Moreover, there is the question of job satisfaction, too. There is no peak in club football that is left there for Guardiola to scale. Hence, winning the Premier Leagues and Champions Leagues might not present any new thrill to the Spaniard.
Guardiola has been linked with the job of the manager of the Brazilian national team, too and he might also think of taking up any such job outside Europe, too.
There are no too many managers in the history of football who have been equally successful at club and international football except Marcello Lippi and Vicente del Bosque. As a result, Guardiola might want to get into that elusive list.
Therefore, we cannot rule out Guardiola taking the job of a national team in the future. It will be a treat for football lovers to see him in charge of a national team in a major competition.

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