Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona: An Untold Done Deal?

Coutinho To Barcelona - Playing for Liverpool
Coutinho To Barcelona An untold Done Deal?

Coutinho to Barcelona: An Untold Done Deal?

Coutinho To Barcelona is right now one of the hottest topics to discuss on every social media platform as the transfer window is about to close and player’s future yet to be decided.

Neymar advised Coutinho NOT to join Barca as the two met while serving international duty in Brazil, according to Brazilian press. While some can still question the accuracy of this news, It could be too late for Neymar to tackle his former club’s transfer.

Coutinho To Barcelona : A DONE DEAL?

According to Yahoo Sports, FSG – the owner of Liverpool FC have decided to sell Coutinho for a sum of 160m Euro (including fixed and bonus). The transfer of the attacking midfielder will be Liverpool’s record-breaking sale. FSG is an investment company, their ultimate goal is to benefit, and 160 million euro for a player whom they bought for less than 10 million is unquestionably a bargain.

Especially when his departure doesn’t seem to affect the team’s performance with the latest 4-0 victory against Arsenal and Liverpool qualified for UEFA Champions League’s group stage.

Jurgen Klopp and the fans used to oppose the sale, but Liverpool’s fine form and the surprising signing of Naby Keita have actually calmed them down.

There are some voices calling Coutinho for “one more year”, but FSG, themselves know they should not risk. Barca has kept the promise to wait for Coutinho until the last minute of this transfer window, but nobody can guarantee they’ll come again for Coutinho, next summer.Maybe, the Brazilian underperforms and his price will go down; maybe, another player shows up in the market with a better price.

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Too many chances to take for that much money. They used to wait for a year with the case of Luis Suarez, but the 40 million plus one Pound offer of Arsenal is something they wouldn’t look back to as everyone could see that there would be bigger bids for the Uruguayan. This time is different!


Yahoo also reported that FSG has informed Coutinho & Barca about the agreement, but they required the player and the Catalan club to keep it secret while looking for replacements in the market. What worries the English club is what they did to Barca in recent weeks.

If everyone knows that Liverpool sells Coutinho for 160 million, clubs with players linked with Liverpool will increase their asking price dramatically. So Liverpool’s tactic now is buying as many players as possible before announcing the Coutinho sale.

The surprising record-breaking signing of Naby Keita is just the beginning. There are reports that Van Dijk – Liverpool long time transfer target has taken a flight to Liverpool.

Liverpool have less than 48 hours to sign before the transfer window closes in England, Barca has one more day to finalize the Coutinho deal as the transfer window closes at 00 AM, September 2nd in Spain.


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