How Robot Referees Are on the Agenda as Technology Keeps Moving in Football

Technology in sport is improving at a rapid rate and it isn’t just tech that impacts the game but around the game too as medical technology has come a long way, recovery tech has improved, and technology to help analyse every aspect of the game has come a long way too. This tech will continue to play a huge role for winning teams particularly with the world cup just around the corner and punters looking to win big on sites like these betting sites not on gamstop will be just as reliant on this same tech – the latest will be a trial of “robot referees”, but what are they all about?

What Are These Robot Referees About, Then?

Juiced Up Var

In essence, it’s a bit like VAR but juiced up – it relies on special cameras being placed around different stadiums mostly in the roofing and will provide an animated skeleton of players on the pitch through a large number of different data points – one suggestion has been that it may help to speed up VAR decisions with limb tracking to better identify calls for offside for example, but FIFA say that this technology could go much further than just detecting player positions on the pitch.

It has been suggested that these cameras could help greatly with the football support staff too for a wider number of reasons – FIFA suggest “it has the potential to provide new insights for coaches, medical staff, and fans” and it’s easy to see why. Coaches and medical staff can look at the point in a game where the pace changed or a player picked up an injury, analyze the information in first person, and determine what needs to change in the future in terms of strategy, or what led to the injury for recovery purposes too. It could be an extremely powerful tool for football as a whole if it’s able to be implemented correctly and quickly enough too.

Coming Soon

There are hopes to have this ready and installed in time for the World Cup in November as stadiums around the UAE are trialing this kit, Chelsea will become the first premier league team to take advantage of these new camera options too with a game held in Abu Dhabi in the future. Cost may become something important to consider here too, anything new will be extremely expensive, and not all teams will be able to kit out their stadiums, but if it becomes a sport standard like VAR, then it’ll only be ever more important for clubs to get it installed as quickly as possible and keep increasing the standard of football.

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