Manchester United Signs the FC Barcelona Superstar

Barcelona has lost many players before joining Barca’s first team. This includes Eric Garcia and Adria Bernabe to Manchester City, and other clubs like Juventus and Monaco to snatch other youth Barcelona players. Marc Jurado, 16, is the most recent player to be snagged by another club, Man United.

Barcelona Superstar Goes to United

While Jurado was offered €60,000, which would rise to €100,000 by the end of the three-year contract, the 16-year old declined. In fact, the deal also came with a €200,000 bonus if he made a debut at his junior team.

According to ESPN, a source told them that Barca is upset how Carlos Lacueva, Jurado’s agent, handled the situation.

Jurado’s Future at Man

Jurado decided to try his luck at Manchester United, which would pay for development rights. Jurado’s decision to leave the club was in June and would be joining Manchester United in the future.

Jurado became the first player to leave Barca for Man United and not played for the first-team. This is with the exception of Gerard Piqué, who also moved to England as a 17-year old.

Manchester United sees potential in the Catalan and can be a protege to United’s current right-back, Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Marc Jurado

The 16-year old is a right-back and also a winger who has considerable pace and great skill. Marc grew up in Catalunya and joined the Catalan academy at age seven and stayed for almost ten years. When Marc got older, he spent the 2019/20 season with the Catalans’ Under-16 side.

Jurado definitely has the potential to play at a high level. The 16-year old possesses self-awareness on the field and has the confidence to beat players one-on-one.

Even when Jurado is a skilled player, he does not have a lot of experience. Jurado’s only experience is playing on Barca’s La Blaugrana’s Cadet A team for only one season(2019/20).

The Barcelona superstar has 9,000 follows on Instagram and is with Adidas while he used to be signed up with Puma.

Barca considered and planned him to be a major part of the club’s operations, which greatly disappointed the club when they heard of Jurado’s departure.

Jurado’s Instagram Letter

“It’s never easy to leave the club that has given you everything,” Jurado wrote on Instagram on Monday. “Barcelona has been my second home, my second family, where I have grown as a player and also as a person.

Now it is time to say goodbye but not before thanking every one of the people that have helped me since I joined in 2011.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to share my passion with a fantastic generation of players. We started as kids that just wanted to chase the ball and I bid farewell, nine years later, able to call them my friends.

We have had tremendous luck with the coaches we have had and that have developed us and helped us to keep fulfilling our dreams.”

“Everything has a beginning and an end. My end, after reflecting with my family, has arrived. I leave behind unforgettable memories that I will always carry with me.”





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